Hazel Recalls How The Neighbourhood Has Changed Over Time

As well as the disappearance of the arable soil in Rochedale (by the truckload) before
the new houses were built in Gardner Road and surrounds, some old houses have disappeared as well, in the march for prosperity.

One, next to the Rochedale State School just burnt down, but the brick lower level remained intact.

So new owners decided not to rebuild the old Queenslander that had been the original house and made the brick lower section into a single level house instead.

One, on the corner of Logan Road and Underwood Road, was demolished for road widening works.

The road next to it (in Underwood Road) used to flood after heavy rain, and the road was built up to prevent that happening anymore.

Renovated cottage on Springwood Road.

One was where the Opal Retirement Home now stands; it was close to the corner of Springwood Road and Parfrey Road. It, like the others, was a tiny cottage, that had had the verandah closed in with louvres at some stage of its life.

One in Springwood Road still stands.

It has been renovated and is rented out. It used to be surrounded by acres of horse agistment, but that land has now been covered by houses.

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