Retired Teacher and Local, Hazel Hillier Shares Her Memories of Logan

We first moved to Rochedale in 1978. Back then, while not quite the “fruit bowl of Brisbane” that the Redland Bay area was (and they even had an Edgell factory at Capalaba to process the vegetables that were grown there), there were many farms in the area. I remember a mushroom farm in Miles Platting Rd.

The one remaining strawberry farm, still in Rochedale Rd, used to be a pick-your-own strawberries place, until the public liability insurance got to be too much of a burden.

Further down Rochedale Rd is a building that has been empty for many years, but which used to be a thriving bakery. Before the freeway came, people used to drive down Rochedale Rd to avoid the traffic on Logan Rd, and many people bought from there on their way past.

“Fresh produce has always been apart of my life”

Gardner Rd used to have many strawberry farms on it, some of which were also places where you could pick your own. There was also Bob Bone’s egg farm, where we bought fresh eggs. He loved all things old and had many pieces of old farm machinery on the property, as well as a slab hut he had brought in from western Queensland. In addition, he had draught horses and a dray, which he used to bring to the Rochedale State School fetes, and gave people rides. That was always a fun thing to do.