How Pilaties and Yoga Changed My Life

It has been said that the best teachers are the ones with a passion for what they teach. Mum of three, Jennifer ‘Jen’ Grehan from Rebalance Pilates and Yoga is no different.

After suffering a Diastasis Recti or Abdominal Separation during the birth of her twins, 13 years ago, Jen struggled to feel ‘right’ with her body. Suffering from crippling back pain and a range of other symptoms, Jen felt she had nowhere to turn for help.

“Walking only did so much and as a busy mum, I struggled to find the time”, Stated Jen.

It can take months for women to full recover from pregnancy and childbirth. While many women feel mostly recovered by 6-8 weeks, it may take longer than this to feel like yourself again. During this time, you may feel as though your body has turned against you; especially in your core abominable muscles.

After doing a lot of research into what she could do to try and get her life back to normal, she came across Pilates. Pilates, she found was the best thing. It targeted all the right areas and is the safest form of exercise; after a few sessions she began to feel the difference.

“I felt amazing, I could feel myself improving with each session” Jen recalls.

Pilates exercises are aimed to improve muscle control and tone, flexibility, balance, breathing pattern, and posture. They are beneficial for a wide range of people, from professional athletes to those recovering from injuries.

“What people don’t know is that its truly beneficial for women while they are pregnant or trying to be” Jen comments, “It actually assists in the birth and makes it easier. It works the muscles and gets them used to engaging; making them stronger.”

Feeling inspired by the results and felling Pilates gave her, Jen and her husband decided to set up their own studio in 2014 in Mansfield, quickly followed by one in Underwood that same year due to popular demand.

As one of the first to open in the area, they took a significant risk; however, as a result of their dedication to providing woman a safe and supportive space for them to exercise in, they have been able to grow and develop their business into a successful franchise across Queensland.

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