Female Business Owners in Logan come together to be inspired and network

On the 1st Thursday of every month, a diverse group of passionate, professional women meet to have breakfast and network. Promoting themselves and their business; while enjoying the culinary talents of the Meadowbrook Golf Club.

They are a diverse, welcoming group of women; representing many a range of businesses and services; everything from Funeral Services to Beauty Salons.

This dedicated group of women have united under a single cause – to help promote women in business in Logan City!

Logan has a massive pool of talent and services that have yet to be fully explored.

I and my colleague, Nhung had the opportunity to attend this February’s meeting.

“It was a fantastic experience! I would happily go again. Meeting all those driven business women, motivated me to want to push myself.”

We were treated to a delicious breakfast buffet and were inspired by Vonny Sinclair and her amazing story. A former police officer (of 20 years) that overcame PTSD and turned her life around for the better.

Vonny Sinclair, former police woman of 20 years.

Vonny’s story touched all of us; listening to how she struggled with
her mental health and the difficult journey of recovery she undertook was truly
inspiring and at times heart-wrenching.

Throughout the meeting, we were encouraged to introduce ourselves
and interact with each other.

“I met several women who I would love to work and spend time with in the future. The diverse nature of the business’ means there is something for everyone.”

Tickets are $25 and are worth every cent. If you are a woman in
Logan with a business, I would definitely recommend it.

Interested. Head to their Facebook page to find out more.