Helping Our Clients Enjoy Worry Free Finances

When people think about their finances it often elicits emotions such as uncertainty, confusion and stress. That is understandable given the complexity of areas such as superannuation, taxation rules and the endless array of investment options that surface trying to grab our attention.

At Pacesetter Financial Services we have been based in the Logan area for over 30 years, helping people by making the complex simple and to plan for, and enjoy, a remarkable retirement.

We do this by providing clarity to your situation, working out what retirement looks like for you (it’s different for all of us) and using tried and tested strategies for you to achieve worry free finances, both now and in the future.

Our unique approach is based on:

VALUING RELATIONSHIPS – We have strong long-lasting relationships with our clients which puts us in the best position to guide you through life’s challenges.

BEING PROACTIVE – We take the lead on financial matters to ensure you are doing the things required to live your best life.

BEING ENCOURAGING – We believe in having a positive attitude and empowering our clients to take action to improve and control their financial position.

Whether you are about to retire, already enjoying retirement, or whether it is still some years away, it’s never too late (or early) to gain clarity on your current position and set yourself on the path to enjoying a remarkable retirement.

Hayden Ross CFP® B Bus, Grad Dip Fin Plan
Financial Adviser and Principal

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