An estimated 1.5 million Queenslanders could be entitled to money left sitting in the hands of the Public Trustee’s office.

The untouched money is a mix from deceased estates, credits from utility companies and retailers, and overpaid fees from real estate agents and government bodies.

The Public Trustee is currently holding lost fortunes in excess of $169 million and are calling on Queenslanders to come forward to see if any of it belongs to them.

The biggest unclaimed sum is almost $760,000 which belongs to someone in Brisbane, while a Logan resident has $419,000 owing to them and a Cape York local has $416,000 burning a hole in the Public Trustee’s pocket.

“One person in every household would probably have some money hanging around,” financial advisor Olivia Maragna told 9News.”

For a lot of people it may only be a free lunch or two but for others, it may mean supplementing a part aged pension or full aged pension but I think for most people every little bit counts.”

Experts say this money can get lost when people move and don’t update their address or advise companies of changes to their details.

To find out if you are eligible for a cut of the unclaimed money, log onto the public trustee website and search for “unclaimed money”.

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