Introducing Briana Dinsdale, the New face of Country

Hi! My name is Briana Dinsdale, and I am a local 17-year-old singer-songwriter from right here in Logan!

Over the past couple of years, I have attended the Logan Boost Workshops. These workshops have taught me a lot about the music industry here in Australia.

It has also introduced me to many people who have given me advice and assistance with my creative path. It is an incredible program which I recommend to anyone starting out with music.

As well as that, I have been lucky enough to have been a part of the Logan Live Concert series which has allowed me to play in multiple amazing Logan venues.

In conjunction with these terrific opportunities, I was fortunate enough to receive a RADF Grant from the Logan City Council to help fund my debut album, “Beginnings”.

The grant was such a blessing to me, as I received it right in the peak of COVID last year.

“I am so appreciative for the opportunity to pursue my dreams.” It was a real positive boost for me during COVID, as it gave me a lot of hope and the freedom to develop my creative side in 2020.

While all the COVID restrictions were in place last year, I spent about four of those months in the studio putting this album together. It was so fun!

Of course, there were many hard times during COVID, including not being able to play live for about seven months. It was extremely hard for me, as playing live is my favourite thing in the world.

After the hard times of COVID last year, I was lucky enough to kick off my 2021 with a bang; releasing my first album “Beginnings” as well as my debut single “Ball and Chain” in January.

So many extraordinary things have happened from these releases and these projects. Including being able to collaborate with Australian country legend, Bill Chambers, having my music video featured on Foxtel’s CMT, and being able to hold my first full-band ticketed show with my amazing friends! I hope 2021 is good to not only me but everyone in Logan.

I am so grateful for everything that Logan has done for me. It truly is my home. I hope you love my music.

My CD is available at if you are interested in that or following me online! Thank you.

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