Heritage Park resident Dr Graeme Nicholson has spent the past 2 years researching and writing a new history book on the Beenleigh region; describing writing the book as a ‘2-year labour of love’.

Published by The Beenleigh and District Historical Society where Graeme is also a member and volunteer; the book Remembering Beenleigh 1860 to 1960 is 386-pages of times long forgotten.

Featuring many rarely seen historic photos and newspaper articles. The book focuses on churches, houses and memorials as well as stories about the streamers which once travelled along the Albert and Logan rivers.

“I am also a member of The Royal Historical Society of Queensland (RHSQ) and was inspired to write the Remembering Beenleigh book after the RHSQ published their ‘Lost Brisbane’ books” commented Dr Graeme.

This is not Graeme’s first book for the Beenleigh Historical Society. He is also the author of 50 years of History of the Beenleigh Historical Society 1969 to 2019; written to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Society.

“I’m pleased to have helped capture the history of Beenleigh,” Graeme says. “The book will be a good reference to the first 100 years of the Beenleigh community.”

Graeme’s is not finished yet; he already has his next project in mind – a book that will focus on the memoirs of locals, titled Remembering Beenleigh: 100 memories.

Copies of the book will be available from mid-May through the Beenleigh and District Historical Society office.

People are able to pre-order the book now.

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