Discover the Whitsundays with Tina!

Mother’s Day. When I close my eyes and imagine a perfect Mother’s Day it’s being woken to big cuddles, smoochy kisses and squeals of excitement as handmade gifts or market bought presents are handed over with great and proud delight.

Tina and her daughter, Emmy

My children are still young (5 & 2 years) so I know that in years to come I will miss this excitement and celebration that is so lovingly shared with us.

I also understand the challenges of mothering. The long hours, the spills, the
cries, the demands, the fussiness – do I need to continue? Most of us have been
there or are experiencing this now. It’s hard.

It’s long. But in the end it’s all so worth it.

That’s how the concept of the Ladies Long Weekend events and weekends came about. How often do you think to yourself ‘I just need a little break? A little time to myself’.

When researching the concept I came across a quote from Lalah Deliah that
really resonated with me ‘She remembered who she was and the game changed’ isn’t
that perfect and oh so true?

Sometimes, we all just need a little time away. A little time from our busy lives – whether that’s being a mother, wife, business owner, employee or all of the above – makes a huge difference to the way we feel once we’ve stopped to appreciate the moments we enjoyed before we added the above roles to our lives.

I promise you – from experience my children definitely benefit from a happier, rested and rejuvenated mother!

We have just launched our next Ladies Long Weekend destination and this time we’re visiting the glorious Whitsundays.

This Mother’s Day enjoy the celebration, but also think of yourself (for once!) and join us on what will be an incredible and memorable Ladies Long Weekend.

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