Logan Celebrates International Compost Awareness Week (2 to 8 May)

Did you know that in the teaspoon of compost there may be a billion bacteria, fungi and microbes that can give life to your garden?

Compost is a soil improver that creates good drainage for plants and introduces nutrients into the soil.

Compost is not only a fantastic, free soil improver for your backyard, but it also helps to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill. About 50 per cent of the contents of an average rubbish bin is food and garden waste that could be composted.

Do you already have a compost bin?

Fantastic! We’re so glad you’re giving it a go. Here are some handy hints to keep your compost going well.

If it’s not composting fast enough try:

Adding some moisture, a good dose of manure and mix often (at least once a week) and break up a large pieces like branchesEnsuring you add a good balance of dry (leaves, sticks, paper) and wet ingredients (grass, fruit and vegetables scraps), then keep it damp and mix oftenKeeping it moist – like a wrung-out sponge – and mix oftenAdding garden lime or wood ash if your compost has a citrus smell.

The Logan City Council will host a couple of workshops over April and May.

These will include themes on composting, worm farming and seed raising for kids. Keep an eye on the council’s website and Facebook pages for registrations.

For more information please contact: loganwe@envirocom.com.au

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