Bringing Logan Women Together

Logan City Women in Business (LCWIB) is a committee of like-minded women who share a similar goal. This dedicated group of women, have united under a single cause – to help promote women in business in Logan City!

“It’s important to have a connection … to feel like people are there for you”

Run and managed by volunteers, the responsibility of organising the 160 strong group is now taken up by Donna Quick and Jan Morris. These two devoted and enthusiastic women raised their hand when previous committee members retired.

Having been members of LCWIB for several years, they were no stranger to the structure of the monthly meetings. However, they soon discovered that it was a lot more to do behind the scenes than they initially realised.

After a slight learning curve, and with the input of previous members, Jan and Donna have streamlined the process; and now they divide and conquer. Jan handles all the front end which includes social media and compering at the meetings, while Donna manages the back end, more of the admin side of things.

Together, these women work side by side to create an inclusive, collaborative and diverse environment that welcomes all women in business, even if their business may not be as active as it was prior to covid.

“Many women have had to close their business due to COVID; the monthly meetings provide these women with a chance to connect with like-minded individuals and helps them to discover what’s out there”

It’s a space meant to encourage, give confidence and stimulate ideas. Jan and Donna would like to extend a welcoming hand to all past and present businesswomen in the Logan area. Come and be

a part of this ever-expanding group of driven women and form those connections you didn’t know you needed.

Head to their Facebook, Logan City Women in Business, to discover what this group could do for you.

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