“Logan City saved us as a business”

Recollects Nikki.

During the 2011 Brisbane Floods their original business base at Rocklea went under 3 metres of water.

Because they were already online back then, the business was able to continue to provide flowers to customers outside the flood areas, but they needed a place to do the distribution from.

“We found an old butcher shop at Arndale Shopping Centre in Springwood that had a
cold room”.

“Although a lot smaller than our usual 1200 sqm warehouse we somehow
made it work” commented Milly & Nikki.

As entrepreneurs often do, they used the carpark space at night as order distribution
bays; to pick and then pack orders.

“The people loved the idea of how we pivoted and supported us so greatly. A fact which we appreciate so dearly and will never forget”

“That’s why we feel like, LOGAN CITY saved us and it was our pleasure to buy our Carlyle Street building in Slacks Creek back in November 2011 which has been our home ever since” said Nikki, as they are busy getting ready for their Grand Opening of the retail front the Southside Flower Market on 1st of May.

The odd thing is Milly & Nikki have both lived for half their lives in Logan at Jimboomba & Greenbank. So, whilst they operated Australia’s largest flower growing agent based out of the Rocklea Markets, they have never forgotten the understanding of shop local, look after locals.

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