Dogs Saving Soldiers Lives

The bond between an owner and his dog is something truly special; transforming into everlasting love. This is the case for Veteran, Scott Jackman and his trusted companion, Whiskey, who unfortunately passed away after 12 months, due to cancer.

In memory of his dear friend and service dog, Scott founded Whiskey’s Wish in November 2014.

Whiskey’s Wish is a foundation that works with owners to train service dogs. These dogs are trained to enhance the independence and quality of life of Veterans, First Responders and Correctional Officers who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and service-related injuries.

“PTSD amongst its many guidance’s has existed for a very long time. And it has just been called different names. From the official diagnosis, you need to have exposure to some traumatic event and that traumatic event needs to be stressful enough that it elicited a panic response or fear response” stated Psychiatrist, Dr David Graham.

“There is good evidence to support animal therapies use, particularly service dogs. Past research has indicated that service dogs are very effective”.

Dogs are amazing living creatures that are known for their ability to intuitively pick up on our emotions and needs.  There are over 400 tasks a dog can do to help people live their lives; they also provide companionship for their owners.

“A number of veterans have had service dogs to help them through and I know that has had a big difference in their lives” stated General John Cantwell, Defence Force.

Currently, Whiskey’s Wish has 130 dogs and handlers in training all over Australia. They ensure that all those engaging in the program receive the proper training and are supported.

If you know of or are someone with a background in the Military, First Responders or Correctional Officer services, that is suffering from PTSD or service-related injuries and is a dog owner, head to for more information.

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