Inspiring Happiness Through Art

Logan is getting a makeover, with art installations appearing all over the city. An artist that has been involved in this process is local artist and special education teacher, Madhu Khanna.

“Art for me – if you bring a smile to people’s faces and inspire happiness then you are succeeding” stated Madhu.

After visiting Australia for a holiday, the couple fell in love with the community, environment and education opportunities available. In 2001, Madhu, her husband and their 2 children moved from their home, in New Delhi, India to Logan, for their children’s education.

“Since moving to Australia, we have always lived in Logan. We love the quiet and relaxing lifestyle” commented Madhu, “It wasn’t only the environment we loved, it was the community that sold us. Everyone was so lovely, friendly and welcoming”.

Madhu likes to dabble with different forms of traditional art which are seen in rural India like Warli art made with rice paste, Batik art made with wax and Rangoli art made with sand. Rangoli can also be made with different mediums and portable as well.

In 2016, Madhu held her first art exhibition named “Rangoli” at the Logan Art Gallery.

“People were amazed to see how I created designs from sand”, stated Madhu, “It was great talking to staff from the Logan Art Gallery; especially, Robyn Daw. She really believed in me and encouraged me – saying you just have to try. Chelsi Foskett and Michael Wardell were also very supportive. I am grateful to them.”

Since then, Madhu has participated in several exhibitions and workshops around Logan.

“I was lucky that 3 of my designs were selected for the Springwood Carpet Project in 2019. The Kolam designs are painted on two walk ways in Springwood – Dennis Road to Murrajong Road adjacent to Springwood Central State School and in front of Spring Tower Hotel”, stated Madhu, “Another 3 designs got selected for Beenleigh Shade Square project. Designs in these discs are based on Rangoli”.

“They are like different colour flowers in one bouquet. It represents that Australia is like a bouquet of colourful flowers which gives fragrance and different nationalities living together with love and respect – symbolising unity in diversity.”

Art is meant to be experienced – so why don’t you explore Logan this weekend. You never know what you will discover.

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