World Ready Canterbury

I am very proud to be the Principal of Canterbury College. Every day I am reminded of the great responsibility that comes with managing and leading one of Queensland’s finest schools. And every day I see such joy, energy, laughter and mateship as I walk around the school.

Canterbury is 34 this year and I believe is growing into a sophisticated, modern and innovative school that is authentic to its motto, mission and vision.

Evidence of that is in our advanced and innovative new academic approaches such as the Learner’s Toolkit, outstanding performance in sport and the arts, evolving community club sport initiatives, staff ingenuity and passion for putting Canterbury on the map, stronger engagement with our alumni and strategies for the future in the form of the new Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship and Leadership. At 34, we have big plans and the capacity to deliver all of them.

We are a College for all round development of the individual, in the true grammar school tradition, with a multicultural student population and a modern Anglican, inclusive approach to diversity in all its forms.

We are not solely categorised as a ‘sporting’ school, nor an ‘academic’ school or an ‘arts’ school. We seek the best programs in all of these dimensions simultaneously to ensure we produce the type of education that we call “World Ready”.

Canterbury’s “World Ready” focus means that our single desire is to nurture and inspire confident, optimistic and compassionate young people who can navigate the world beyond the school gate.

We are proudly one of Queensland’s leading ‘all rounder’ schools and we take our responsibility to deliver on this ‘World Ready’ promise very seriously.

Every year we accept scholarship applications from exceptional students.

We now invite interested students to submit applications and sit testing for our Year 5-10 Academic and Mathematics scholarships for 2022 and 2023 entry.

We also have a limited number of Leadership and Community Excellence scholarships available to new students entering Year 7 at Canterbury who have either held a senior leadership position in their primary school, made an ongoing contribution to community service, volunteering or participation in public awareness campaigns; or who are recognised for their servant leadership qualities by their teachers and school leaders. Full details of these scholarships are on our website.

I invite you and your family to visit our beautiful campus soon for a personal tour to see the development of our world readiness in practice.

Mr Dan Walker

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