Cr Karen Murphy | Division 12

I have worked closely with the Rotary Club of Beenleigh to plan and secure funding for a major event in Beenleigh to build community pride and activate the city centre.

I’m thrilled to announce Logan City Council is the major sponsor for the Beenleigh Cane Parade and Gala Ball to be held on the 16th of October 2021.

Beenleigh is a historic town with lots of pride and passion for our historic links to the cane and sugar industry.

The event will draw on our rich history to bring in crowds from across the district as Beenleigh’s streets come alive with floats, groups, and bands. In the evening, locals will throw on their dancing shoes and enjoy all the finest foods the region has to offer at the Gala Ball to be held at the Beenleigh Events Centre.

I invite you to come along enjoy the spectacle and all that Beenleigh has to offer.

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